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Dairy Supplies with no Middleman

By manufacturing products and selling exclusively direct to large farms, our business model is built around the concept of a streamlined supply chain. Cutting out the middleman allows us to provide unbeatable prices, often saving customers 50% or more.

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Service Tailored to Large Farms

Our product and service delivery model is tailored specifically to the needs of large herds:​

  • Highly robust equipment, preventative maintenance schedules, and on-site replacement parts kits to greatly reduce the need for urgent on-site repair visits

  • Concentrated formulas to save cost & reduce the work of replacing totes

This business model has allowed us to become the supplier of choice for many of the largest herds in the US, and fuels our rapid growth in the industry.

Our Products

We're experts and innovators in teat dip and footbath, but our experienced team also understands how the other parts of your farm fit together.

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Teat dip

Our line of pre- and post-dips is led by our chlorine dioxide concentrate.  This pre/post dip is the product of choice for many large farms thanks to several attributes:

  • Powerful - packed with the killing power of three germicides

  • Flexible - compatible with all application methods - dip cups, foamers, sprayers, & scrubbers

  • Adjustable - provides conditioning for any season with 2-10% emollient levels available at the turn of a knob

We also offer iodine and hydrogen peroxide dips, as well as the Turbospray  system from Automated Dairy.

Contact us for a brochure to learn more. 



Direct Farm Supply's fully automatic footbath system is everything a large dairy wants in a footbath:

  • Effective - our herds experience an increase in hoof health when switching, with most running <2% warts

  • Easy - Footbath requires no work to run, with complete automation for filling, dumping, & timing baths 

  • Safer - No more working closely with copper sulfate or formaldehyde, as chemicals are automatically injected under water

We supply footbath equipment as well as chemicals, including our acidified copper sulfate solution, formaldehyde (tanker and totes), & a blend of both.

Contact us for a brochure to learn more.

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Other Chemicals & Supplies

We can produce a wide range of parlor chemicals to meet the needs of your farm.  If you're interested in any product, contact us and we'll do our best to match your product specs at the best price on the market.

Direct Farm Supply can also provide your farm with tail paint from H&W Products. If your dairy has over 2,000 cows, we'd be happy to send you tail paint samples free of charge.

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